Project Management

We specialize in delivering high quality program and project management services and solutions to our clients. The quality and services come from our wide range of management expertise in supporting federal and commercial IT projects. We bring unique qualifications for any size IT project with a focus on setting up milestones and goals that lead to successful project delivery. In this rapidly changing IT landscape, with a wide variety of methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid, we bring in solutions specific to individual project needs. We recognize that each project is unique and therefore we tailor our solutions specific to each individual project.

Our management professionals are PMP and/or Agile certified who bring expertise in the following services:

PMO Support
Communications Management
Earned Value Management (EVM)
Integrated Master Scheduling
Risks & Issues Management
Process Improvements and Lessons Learned
Stakeholder Management
Scope, Time, Quality, Budget and Staffing Management

Data Management

With our strong footprint in HeathCare data, USA InfoTech practices DAMA (Data Management Association) principles. This helps us manage data quality as well as organize and secure data for our clients. We provide program specific data architecture, database management, and data analytics support utilizing various software tools and technology from leading industry experts in the DM area.
In today’s world of information overload, Business Intelligence (BI) serves as critical component to make meaningful business decisions. USA InfoTech has a team of experienced BI Specialists helping our clients to get a Single Version of truth from various data sources available by utilizing industry standard best practices. Large volumes of complex data can hide important information, our team of professionals work with our clients to extract key facts from large volumes of data and make it easier to analyze.

USA InfoTech addresses your Data Management and Business Intelligence needs in any of the following areas:

Big Data
Data Warehouse
Database Administration
Predictive Modelling
Data Governance
Data Architecture
Master Data Management
Data Quality & Security
Data Analysis

Software Testing

Our innovative approach to testing allows us to support our customers no matter what type of environment they have. We support agile software environments with our unique agile testing support model which allows us to work as an integrated part of the customers agile team to ensure an error free end product. Our approach ensures that the software is thoroughly tested no matter how fast the development proccess is moving. Where required, we follow a waterfall methodology to align with our customers development environment. We seamlessly insert ourselves into the devlopment process and ensure that code is delivered error free. Whether you use agile or waterfall development methodologies we are there from day one understanding the customers requirments and developing test cases to guarantee that the end product sataisfies the customers ultimate need.

Improve Code Quality
Reduce Rework
Lower Cost

Software Development

USAInfoTech team focus on innovation in Health IT sector. Our patent pending innovative Health Intelligence product provides the users with whole new visualization of their health data analytics. Our team drives business intelligence of Health data to next level as Health intelligence. Innovation is our DNA. While supporting various programs for our clients, we understand as a company to move forward, unique identity is required. We prove our innovation and energy by developing patent pending Health Analytics Software which will make a big impact on how someone visualizes Health Data. We seed our innovation in every single project we support. Please contact us to know more about our unique product, innovative ideas and solutions.